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Welcome to St. Stephen's Episcopal Church


We are a wonderful and diverse group of people from all backgrounds. We invite and encourage our Parishioners to ask hard questions and challenge the fundamentals of belief. We think that discovering the answers is a journey we are all on together and during this process, we can each find our true selves.


St. Stephen's was founded in Longmont in 1881 and we are proud of our history of spiritual transformation for our members and service to the community.


We have some thoughtful information for Newcomers, or those just curious about the Episcopal Church. Email subscriptions to our newsletter are open to all, requiring only an email address.


At St. Stephen's, we take time to learn about and enjoy one another. We host an annual art show for artists from all over Colorado, we have summer camping trips, vacation Bible school, and potlucks. More than thirty groups meet to share knitting, hiking, dining, and many other activities.


We share joy, discovery, peaceful moments, life's problems, grief, and sorrow. We are a community, and we welcome you to be part of us.